630.432.0926 or 708.890.4890

  • We will put anything away that we think would be of personal and/or sentimental value to you while setting up
  • We post highly visible signage directing people to the sale as well as attracting even more buyers (when allowed by the village) 
  • We obtain permits when necessary 
  • We accept major credit cards as a convenience to customers and it encourages larger purchases (no cost to you) 
  • We staff your sale with energetic, honest and courteous individuals who maintain organization as well as gently encourage sales 
  • We are uniformed for easy identification during the sale
  • We utilize internet marketing/advertising and we send email notifications to our large data base of subscribers
  • We use professional equipment when photographing our sales.  

Customer service is our number one priority with both our customers and clients

  • We maintain the safety and security of your treasures with proven techniques
  • We provide bags and wrap for purchases
  • Depending on the crowd, we only allow in small groups of people at a time at the start of the sale
  • We can provide customers with a trucking service contact to move large items if needed
  • Depending on items left over, we can empty out the home and leave it broom swept for a nominal fee and/or we offer resources for a charity. With a donation, you will receive a tax deductible receipt
  • There is no conflict of interest. We do not own a storefront. We strive to sell your items on the spot for as much as possible
  • We sell anything under the sun! You name it...we've probably sold it!

what we do...


P R O F E S S I O N A L  E S T A T E  A N D  M O V I N G  S A L E S

We take a lower comission on higher ticket items

  • We provide a free consultation with no up-front fees—our commission comes out of the estate sale proceeds 
  • We can promote the sale of your home during the sale by collaborating with your realtor
  • We often work with clients who have already relocated out of state
  • We are happy to meet with whomever you appoint to handle the estate (ie., lawyers, realtors, etc.)
  • We sort, organize, and set-up all items
  • We provide all resources necessary to professionally display your treasures (tables, racks, lights, locked cases, etc...) 
  • We research and price your treasures to reflect today’s fair market value with the focus on generating sales 
  • We offer Ebay services for any small items left over from the sale that are over $100 in value for 50% commission